Frequently Asked Questions
What time do GT students eat lunch at Fannin?
12:15 pm-12:45 pm 
How will my GT student be assessed?
Rubrics will be used to assess student projects.  Click here for an explanation of rubrics.
Will there be a grade on my child's report card for their GT class?
No.  There will be a separate GT report card sent home.
What if my child is late to school and misses the GT bus?
You will need to drive your child to Fannin after checking in at your home campus.
Will there be homework?
Not normally.  Almost everything will be done in class.
What if my child is absent?
Please schedule appointments on other days than the schedule GT day, but if they are absent, we will catch them up when they return.
What instruction will they miss when they are pulled out for GT?
Students are not responsible for class work or instruction for the time they miss while at GT
Have a question not addressed on this page?
Please contact us at or  You may also call Fannin Elementary at 903-874-3728 and leave a message for Ms. Alonzo or Mrs. Green. 
Our conference time is from 2:30pm to 3:10pm.