Invention Convention
  • Students learn about the process of innovation and the people who have impacted society with their contributions. We will learn and investigate simple machines and how they can be incorporated into inventions. We will look at different problems we face and see if we can create a solution that could help at least one person.

    Driving Question:

    “How can we identify a real world problem for you, your family, community, or even the world and design an innovative solution that will make a difference in at least one person’s life?”

    Essential Inventor Research Questions:

    • Why is there a need for the innovation?
    • What problem did it solve?
    • Did it create any new problems? 
    • Did the inventor hold any patents or copyrights on the innovation?
    • How did the innovator communicate his/her ideas to others?
    • What happened in the past that enabled the innovator to come up with new ideas/designs/objects?
    • What happened afterwards as a result of the innovator’s work?
    • What else was going on in the world at the time of the innovation?
    • If the innovation still exists, how has the invention changed over time?